COVID-19 Support

As information continues to unfold about the coronavirus, there’s something you can count on: Your Lam benefits provide the support you and your family need right now.  


On Site or Remote?

In either case, the Return-to-Workplace FAQs have details on time away, child care, and other benefits you may need right now.



If You Need Medical Care

  • Call before going for care. To help ensure you get the right care and limit unnecessary exposure to others, the best thing to do is call your doctor before you go. Kaiser members can call the number on the back of your ID card.
  • Use telemedicine to connect with a doctor by video or phone from anywhere and avoid going to the doctor’s office.
    • Anthem members: Use LiveHealth Online. There is no charge for visits through September 30.
    • Kaiser members: Call the number on the back of your ID card and ask about a video or phone consultation.
  • Get tested if necessary. If a doctor determines you should be tested for COVID-19, the diagnostic test cost will be covered in full through Anthem or Kaiser. In addition, any necessary follow-up care for a member diagnosed with COVID-19 will be covered in full without any deductible, copay, or cost sharing.

If You’re Feeling Stressed

If You Need Backup Care

Need child care so you can work? With, you have access to a network of in-home and in-center care options with a low copay.

In response to COVID-19, Lam has partnered with to expand access this year:

  • If a caregiver in the network is not available, you can use another provider (including a family member, friend, neighbor, or babysitter).
  • The maximum number of care days has been increased from 10 to 20 for 2020.

Back to "School"

Whether they’re at home or in a classroom, help your kids get the most from their learning opportunities.


If You’ll Miss Work

If You're Sick

If you’re sick and miss work, there’s usually a five-workday waiting period before short-term disability (STD) benefits begin. benefits begin. During this extraordinary time, the waiting period has been eliminated for VDI in California and STD in all other states for COVID-19-related illnesses only. Be sure to file your claim promptly with TRISTAR to start disability payments.

If you have a minor illness (e.g., a common cold) and will be out less than a week, nonexempt employees should use PTO (exempt employees receive salary continuation). Do not file a disability claim unless you will be out more than five work days.

If You're in Quarantine

If you are required to quarantine, inform your manager, and enter your work hours as you normally would. No additional or unique pay code is required.  

  • Nonexempt employees: Use the usual “in and out punches” practice. Your manager can do this on your behalf if you do not have laptop or mobile app access.
  • Exempt employees: No further action is required after you inform your manager.

If you become sick during your quarantine, apply for disability as noted above.

If You're Caring for Others

To support employees who must miss work for a longer period, Lam has expanded some leave of absence provisions:

  • We have expanded Family Care Leave to cover situations in which you must care for dependents because their school or place of care is closed.
  • We have added a new Underlying Medical Condition Leave.

Visit the Leaves of Absence page for details.

More information is also in the Return to Workplace FAQs [PDF].

If You're Working from Home

These Live Well resources can help you stay fit while you’re staying close to home. 

  • Virgin Pulse: Find personalized support for your well-being, guided meditations, tips for healthy living, and healthy habit challenges on Lam’s well-being platform. To get started, join Virgin Pulse, then download the Virgin Pulse app to your mobile device.
  • Daily workout ideas: Visit the Live Well Yammer page for workout routines and videos that’ll get you moving.
  • Virtual fitness expert: Need some extra motivation? Or a personalized, at-home workout program that’s tailored to your individual needs? To register and schedule a 1:1 appointment with a fitness pro, email the Live Well Fitness Center
  • Exercise class workout routines: Missing your regular group fitness class? Now you can receive the class workout routines by email each week. Just sign up to receive your at-home workout routine for your choice of classes: 
    • C27: A whole-body workout featuring a combination of cardio and compound movements broken into seven-minute intervals. 
    • Sculpt solutions: A head-to-toe toning routine that works every muscle in your body, using bodyweight exercises.
    • Metabolic burn: Interval training, combining high repetitions with low weights, for muscular endurance training. Includes plenty of speed and agility drills. 
    • Kickboxing: Intervals of shadow boxing combined with high-intensity bodyweight exercises. 
    • Yoga: A series of breathing, stretching, and balancing exercises to increase flexibility and energy. 

BookWhere to Learn More

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Anthem COVID-19 website 
Kaiser COVID-19 website
Return-to-Workplace Benefit FAQs [PDF]