Open Enrollment for 2023 is completed. The benefits you elected will take effect January 1. If you experience a qualifying life event during the year, you can make plan changes, add or drop coverage for dependents, or enroll in a new plan.

Enroll November 1–15, 2022

Take the time to explore all the benefits available to you in 2023. Then, choose the ones that will meet your needs. The benefits you elect will take effect January 1.

If you don’t enroll, you will have the same medical, dental, and vision plans you had in 2022, and you will not have a Health Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA). 

Who’s eligible for benefits

If you’re a full-time or part-time regular-status Lam or Silfex employee who works 20 or more hours per week, you’re eligible for Lam benefits. Your spouse or domestic partner and children may also be eligible.

Definition of eligible spouse

Definition of eligible domestic partner

Definition of eligible children

What you need to do

What’s new and changing

There are no major changes to your medical, dental, or vision plans for 2023. Here’s a look at some things that are being updated:

New: Virtual physical therapy

Enhanced: Kaiser coverage

New: PrudentRx for Anthem Base PPO

Updated: Higher CDHP deductible

Updated: Lifestyle Account reimbursement

Updated: More HSA savings potential

Updated: Paycheck contributions

Updated: One Medical memberships

Things to consider

Compare medical plans

Prepare for the unexpected with voluntary supplemental medical benefits

Claim your 2022 FSA expenses by March 31

Elect your 2023 FSA contributions

Get additional peace of mind

Take care of the people you love

Make sure you’ve named the beneficiaries who will receive the money from your life insurance, 401(k), HSA, and ESPP after you’re gone.

Learn how

If you take no action during Open Enrollment

  • You will not be able to contribute to a Health Care or Dependent Care FSA in 2023.
  • You will be enrolled in the same medical, vision, and dental plans you had in 2022, with the same dependents (if eligible). If you waived health care coverage in 2022, you will continue to have no Lam health care coverage in 2023.
  • Your 2022 HSA employee contribution amount election will roll over to 2023. You’ll need to select a new contribution amount if you want to hit the new, higher HSA maximum for 2023.
  • You will be enrolled automatically in the applicable short-term disability plan (VDI for California employees and STD for all others).

Tips for using the enrollment site

  • The site will display your benefit options with a button that says View or Change Plan (if you have an election carrying over from 2022) or Shop Plans (if you do not yet have an election for 2023). Click the button to see your benefit plan choices.
  • When you’ve made a new benefit election, click the Update Cart button.
  • If you want to decline a plan, click the blue text below the Update Cart button that says Decline <type of coverage>.
  • Be sure to add your dependents to each plan as you select your benefits. Simply adding dependents to PlanSource in step 2 does not enroll them in benefits. To ensure each family member is enrolled, review Family Covered under each benefit.
  • You must click Checkout at the bottom of the page to save your benefit elections and complete your enrollment.

Open Enrollment virtual presentations

You can watch a recorded presentation or view the presentation slides

Take notice

You’ll find detailed plan descriptions and legally required annual notices on the Plan Documents and Forms page.