If you’re a full-time or part-time Lam employee who works 20 or more hours per week, you’re eligible for Lam benefits. Coverage begins on your date of hire or the date of your qualifying life event.


If you enroll yourself for coverage, you may also enroll your eligible dependents in medical, dental, vision, and life and AD&D insurance coverage. You and your eligible dependents are automatically enrolled in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Eligible dependents include:

  • Your spouse
  • Your eligible children
  • Your same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partner

Definition of Eligible Children

Definition of Eligible Domestic Partner


Interns are eligible for the following benefits. Coverage for you, your spouse/domestic partner, and your eligible children begins on your date of hire.

Continuing Health Coverage Under COBRA

Under COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985), you and your covered dependents can pay to keep your medical, dental, vision, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) benefits.

Events that qualify you or your dependents for COBRA eligibility:

  • You lose coverage because of reduced work hours or taking an unpaid leave, other than leave under the FMLA
  • You terminate employment for any reason other than gross misconduct
  • You or your dependent is disabled, as defined by the Social Security Act, at the time of the qualifying event or during the first 60 days of COBRA continuation coverage
  • Your child no longer qualifies as a dependent
  • You die
  • You and your spouse divorce or legally separate

What to Know About COBRA

  • PlanSource handles the administration of COBRA for Lam and eligible participants.
  • If you or a family member is eligible for COBRA, you’ll receive an enrollment packet directly from PlanSource with instructions to make your COBRA elections.
  • You have 60 days from your notification date or coverage-end date to enroll in COBRA. You have the same choices of medical, dental, and vision plans as before. You may select different coverage levels for medical, dental, and vision based on your individual needs.
  • If you decide to enroll in COBRA coverage, you’ll pay the full cost of coverage.
  • COBRA coverage is generally available for up to 18 months, with additional extensions available under certain circumstances.

Where to Learn More

All the details about benefits eligibility are in the Benefits Information Guide—Summary Plan Description [PDF].

If you have questions, contact the Benefits Help Desk.