Sometimes, you need extra time away from work to take care of yourself or your loved ones. Lam gives you the time you need to accommodate these planned or unplanned situations—like bonding with a new addition to your family, recovering from an injury, caring for a relative, or serving in the military.

Types of Leave

All regular U.S. employees working at least 20 hours per week are eligible for a leave of absence. Keep in mind that you do not receive your Lam pay while you are on leave, but you may be eligible to receive temporary income from a partial income-replacement program. You also should be aware that different leaves impact your Lam benefits in different ways.

Details about each type of leave are in Leave of Absence and Accommodation Practice [PDF] and the Workplace Accommodations Notice [PDF].

Maternity Leave

Baby Bonding (Paternity) Leave

Medical Leave

Family Care Leave

Underlying Medical Condition Leave

Personal Leave

Military Leave

How to Request a Leave of Absence

Lam will provide family or medical leave in accordance with state and federal laws in effect at the time the leave is granted. Military leave is granted based on your service orders.

If you plan to take a leave of absence, you must notify your supervisor at least one month prior to the leave (if foreseeable) or as soon as reasonably possible (when leave is not foreseeable). Requests for a personal leave of absence must be approved by your supervisor or department manager before you can file a claim for the leave.

Regular full- and part-time employees who are planning to take time off from work for more than seven calendar days and who will not be using paid time off (PTO) or other paid time must initiate a leave of absence, when appropriate.

TRISTAR administers and manages leaves of absence for Lam Research. As soon as your leave is approved, call TRISTAR at 844-610-1885 to file your claim. Be prepared to supply the following information:

  • Company name—Lam Research or Silfex
  • Employee ID or Social Security number
  • Reason for your absence
  • First day absent
  • Work schedule
  • Date you expect to return to work
  • If your absence is related to illness or injury: the name, fax, and telephone number of the treating physician
  • If you’re caring for a qualified family member: their relationship to you

Please also call TRISTAR:

  • To update previously supplied information
  • If you are unable to return to work on the planned date
  • If you are returning or have returned to work
  • To report your delivery date if your leave is related to the birth of a child
  • To report time on an intermittent leave
  • To request specific forms

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Leaves for Silfex Employees

Please contact your local Silfex HR department for information regarding leaves of absence. The information on this website describes leaves of absences for Lam Research employees only.

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