Get personalized support for muscle, bone, and joint health through Sword Health without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home.

Support is available at no cost to you and your family members who are enrolled in a Lam medical plan.

Save time and money

From prevention to recovery, Sword’s licensed physical therapists and technology deliver physical therapy results that save you time, hassle, and money.

Support for muscle, bone, and joint health

Sword makes it easy and convenient to get relief for those nagging joint and muscle aches before they grow into potentially bigger and more painful problems. And if you’re recovering from an injury or continuing to battle a chronic problem, Sword’s at-home physical therapy can save you money and trips to your PT provider.

With Sword, you get:

  • One-on-one video sessions with a licensed physical therapist to replace or supplement in-person physical therapy
  • Sensor technology that provides real-time feedback, so you can improve your exercise form and feel relief sooner
  • A program tailored to your needs to help you reduce pain and discomfort, prevent larger problems, or recover from an injury or surgery
  • No deductible or copayment (unlike PT through your medical plan)

Your dedicated physical therapist will design an exercise program to meet your needs, and Sword will ship you a tablet and motion sensors to guide you and provide real-time feedback. Your physical therapist will be available for support throughout your therapy program.

Get started with Sword

Visit Sword Health to learn more and set up your account.

  • Click Get Started and answer a few questions about your condition.
  • Video chat with your dedicated physical therapist.
  • Watch your mailbox for your kit with everything you need to get started on your home PT.

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Support for pelvic health

If you or a covered family member is dealing with pelvic discomfort, urinary leakage, pain with intimacy, or bowel issues, Bloom—part of Sword Health—can help.

Bloom combines technology with guidance from pelvic health specialists to provide customized pelvic therapy for women (and anyone with vaginal anatomy, regardless of gender identity) in all stages of life, including pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause.

Following a virtual consultation with a pelvic health specialist, Bloom will ship you or your family member a personal pelvic monitor to use during exercises. The pelvic health specialist will monitor your progress in Bloom’s mobile app, adjust the program as you improve, and provide ongoing guidance and education.

Get started with Bloom

Visit Bloom to learn more and set up your account.

  • Click Enroll Now and complete the enrollment form.
  • Video chat with your dedicated pelvic health specialist.
  • Watch your mailbox for your Bloom kit with everything you need to take control of your pelvic health.

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