Lam offers two vision plan options to help you see clearly, including computer vision care for those who spend their days looking at a screen.

You can choose between two vision options, administered by VSP:

  • The Base Plan [PDF] offers basic vision care and an allowance for eyeglass frames or contacts.
  • The Enhanced Plan [PDF] has a larger, more frequent allowance for frames and/or contacts, plus it covers additional eyeglass lens features.

With vision plan coverage, you can also enjoy discounted hearing services through TruHearing [PDF].

You can also decline vision coverage by not enrolling. 

View 2023 employee contributions.

You don’t need an ID card to use your Vision benefits. Providers in the VSP network use your Social Security number to determine your eligibility and plan benefits.

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Medically necessary contact lenses

Elective contact lenses (instead of glasses)

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