Thinking of taking a night course? Or finishing those last few classes to get your degree? Lam will reimburse you up to $15,000 per calendar year for job-related coursework—for your current position or a future position at Lam. If you’re completing a master’s degree or PhD, you could be eligible for reimbursement up to $80,000. 

What you need to know

Eligible expenses

Advanced degree supplemental assistance

What you need to do

The education assistance process is handled online through Edcor, our education assistance vendor. It’s a two-step process:

  1. Complete an application on the Edcor site within 60 days after the start date of the course. Your application will be routed to your manager for approval.
  2. Complete a request for reimbursement on the Edcor site within 90 days after your successful completion of the course. You will be reimbursed by Lam Payroll.

Additional requirements

To be reimbursed, you must:

  • Receive your manager’s approval for the coursework
  • Begin coursework after you’ve completed 90 days of employment
  • Be actively employed at the time the coursework begins and still employed when it ends (unless you’re not employed for involuntary reasons)
  • Enroll in a course through an education institution accredited by a national accrediting agency
  • Maintain satisfactory job performance, as determined by your manager
  • Receive a C– or better for undergraduate courses, a B– or better for graduate courses, or a Pass (if the course is offered on a pass/fail basis)

Where to learn more

Details of and requirements for education assistance are discussed at length in the Education Assistance Practice [PDF]. Read the Frequently Asked Questions [PDF] for help with applying. For Edcor customer service, call 855-258-3468, Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time.