Time Off Benefits

Time off is a benefit that is highly valued by employees. We also understand that time off is unique to each individual. In order to meet the needs of our diverse workforce, Lam Research provides the following benefits to employees in North America who work 20 or more hours each week. For details, from The Point, go to Global Human Resources>United States>HR Information>HR Programs and Practices.


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Paid Time Off

  • For salaried employees,1 PTO hours will be used for planned days off from work that are approved in advance by your manager.
  • For hourly non-exempt employees, PTO is for any time away from work (excluding extended illness and holidays observed by Lam Research).

How Is PTO Determined?

PTO accruals are based on your years of service. The following table shows PTO accruals by pay period, using months of service and maximum hours for full-time employees (those working 20 up to 32 hours accrue at two-thirds the rates below).

Active Full-time Employees PTO Accruals Per Pay Period

Your Months of Service PTO Hours You Earn Each Pay Period Maximum Hours You Can Keep in Your PTO Bank
1 through 48 months (1–4 years) 4.615 hours 320
49 through 119 months (5-10 years) 6.154 hours 320
120 through 179 months (11-14 years) 7.692 hours 320
180+ months (15+ years) 9.231 hours 320

1 Excludes Directors and above.

Other Time Off

  • Bereavement—Time off for a recent death of a family member or friend.
  • Jury Duty—Time off while on jury duty.
  • School and Day Care Activity—Time off to participate in your child(ren)'s school programs.
  • Voting—Time off to vote in an official, state-sanctioned election.
  • Catastrophic Leave—Time off when earthquake, storm, fire, flood, civil unrest, or a similar situation requires evacuation or closure of a Lam building.

For details regarding all provisions of the Lam Research Time Off Practices, see HR Programs and Practices on The Point.