Group Legal Plan

When a legal issue comes up, the last thing you want to have to do is find an attorney. Or pay huge legal fees. When you’re enrolled in ARAG’s prepaid UltimateAdvisor Legal Insurance Plan, you won’t have to.

LightbulbWhat You Need to Know

Under this group legal plan, you’ll pay no additional fees for most covered legal matters when you work with attorneys who are part of ARAG’s nationwide network.

They can help you with everything from minor traffic offenses and disputes with neighbors, to weightier issues including bankruptcy, drafting a will, and buying or selling a home. They also assist with the financial and legal aspects of adoption, divorce, caring for parents, and other family-related issues.

What You Get

  • In-office services: Access to more than 13,000 attorneys who can advise and represent you
  • Telephone advice: Phone calls with network attorneys for unlimited legal advice to help you prepare documents, letters, or a will
  • Online resources: Tools and useful information to learn more about legal issues on your own, including DIY Docs to help you create any of 350+ state-specific, legally valid documents online
  • Tax services: One-on-one consultation with an experienced professional tax specialist for expert tax advice and related services, including help with IRS audits or collection

ClipboardWhat You Need to Do

To join the group legal plan, you must enroll within 30 days of hire or during the annual benefits Open Enrollment period.

BookWhere to Learn More

Find details about the Group Legal Plan [PDF].

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