From your paycheck and benefits to your 401(k) match and everything in between, Lam rewards you in many ways for contributing to our continued success.

What you need to know

You can see the full value of your total rewards on the My Total Compensation and Benefits site.

The site is personalized to show the value of all you get from Lam. You’ll see your total compensation (base salary plus bonus) and Lam’s contributions to your health, life, accident, and disability insurance plans. If you’re enrolled in the 401(k) Plan, the Health Savings Account, or the Employee Stock Purchase Plan, you’ll also see the value of your contributions—and Lam’s—to these accounts.

Plus, you’ll see the financial value of other programs you may be using, like the Lifestyle Account, Employee Assistance Program, education assistance, and adoption reimbursement.

Lam Total Rewards example on My Total Compensation and Benefits web site

This is an example of how your personal information is organized on My Total Compensation and Benefits. You can dig into details in each section.

How to access your personal information

  • While logged in to the Lam network, visit The Point.
  • Click the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner.
  • From the expanded site menu, select Benefits under Benefits & Career.
  • Click the icon for My Total Compensation and Benefits Site.
    • Explore the sections to see detailed information on your total compensation and benefits.
    • Model the potential future value of your Lam stock with the calculator on the Outstanding Stock page.

Pro tip: For easy access in the future, add My Total Compensation and Benefits Site to your My Apps tray on the homepage of The Point.

Lam network visit The PointLam network expanded site menuLam network My Total Compensation and Benefits Site