When you’re emotionally equipped to deal with the competing demands on your time and attention, you become resilient. And you stress less. Your Lam benefits offer you a variety of programs and tools to help.

Employee Assistance Program

You can access mental health providers and other resources to build your resilience through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), including:

  • A website full of self-care tools, articles, and tips you can use to strengthen your resilience
  • Talkspace, the mobile app that connects you to a licensed therapist via your laptop, tablet, or smartphone; just call Optum at 866-248-4096 for an authorization code before selecting a provider at talkspace.com/connect

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Use the AbleTo app to access the latest coping tools, meditations, and more to help you understand your emotional well-being and reduce stress and worry. AbleTo includes:

  • Daily tracking of your mood, habits, and sleep to identify patterns and assess your progress
  • Mental health tools that strengthen resilience and help you relax
  • Collections of curated tools, techniques, and resources on topics that matter most to you.
  • Personalized activities for your self-guided journey to better mental health, including progress tracking, goal setting, and weekly check-ins

To get started, you must create your profile through the EAP website: sign in or use code LamUS to browse as a guest. From the top menu bar, select Benefits & Services, then All Benefits. Scroll to Mental Health, then select Feel better at your own pace. After you sign up for an account on the website, you can download the app and log in.

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Virgin Pulse

Sign up with Virgin Pulse, Lam’s digital well-being platform, for: 

  • Guided meditations and yoga basics from Whil
  • Personalized tips for managing your finances and reducing stress
  • Personalized sleep guide and tracker

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Live Well

In partnership with Optum, Virgin Pulse, and Fidelity, Live Well hosts programs to bolster resilience and reduce stress:

  • Webinars and in-person workshops. Watch The Point for details on upcoming events for your location.
  • One-to-one phone support with a Fidelity financial expert to help reduce one of the leading causes of stress: worrying about money. Call 800-603-4015.
  • Challenges and tips that help you get moving, eat well, and manage your health—all of which can have an impact on resilience. Subscribe to the Live Well Yammer channel to get reminders of upcoming events.

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Kaiser member apps

To help you stress less, Kaiser members can visit Kaiser’s mental health and emotional wellness apps web page to download these apps: Calm and myStrength.


Calm is a meditation and sleep app that’s designed to help reduce stress and anxiety through these features:

  • The Daily Calm, exploring a fresh mindful theme each day
  • More than 100 guided meditations
  • Sleep stories to sooth you into deeper and better sleep
  • Video lessons on mindful movements and gentle stretching


The myStrength app can help improve your awareness and change behaviors by accessing features that include interactive activities, in-the-moment coping tools, and community support:

  • Mindfulness and meditation activities
  • Tailored programs for managing depression, stress, anxiety, and more
  • Tools for setting goals, tracing current emotional states and ongoing life events, and viewing your progress

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