Business Travel Benefits

Sick or injured while traveling? Lose your passport? Luggage vanished? Lam’s business travel benefits have you covered in these—and other—situations when you’re traveling on Lam business.

If you’re in trouble, reach out to International SOS for help.

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ClipboardWhat You Need to Do

Be ready for the unexpected while you’re traveling for Lam. Before you head to the airport, take these 2 steps:

  1. Download the International SOS app to your phone. Use Lam membership number 11BCMA000059 to log in.
  2. Take copies of these documents with you:

What You Need to Know

If you’re a regular employee working at least 20 hours a week, you’re automatically enrolled at no cost in the business travel benefits program.

The program covers illness, injury, and death while you’re traveling on Lam business. It also provides 24/7 worldwide medical and travel security assistance. Your spouse/domestic partner and dependent children are also covered if they’re traveling with you.

Worldwide Medical and Travel Security Assistance

International SOS provides 24-hour worldwide travel assistance services for business travelers when you’re more than 100 miles from home or outside the United States. Use the app on your phone or the phone number on your wallet card to access:

  • Routine or urgent medical care, including evacuation
  • Referrals for a local doctor, dentist, or other caregiver
  • Medication, medical equipment, and information
  • Help with lost travel documents
  • Emergency translation and interpreter services
  • Legal assistance
  • Pre-travel advice
  • Safety and security expertise

Global Travel Medical Insurance

If you’re injured or become sick while traveling outside the country on Lam business, your global travel medical insurance through ACE American Insurance Company provides benefits for your covered expenses. Please read the program summary [PDF] for coverage details or to file a claim.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

If you’re seriously injured or die as the result of an accident while traveling on Lam business, your business travel accident insurance, also through ACE, pays a benefit to you or your beneficiary. Please read the program summary [PDF] for coverage details or to file a claim.

BookWhere to Learn More

For details of the business travel accident benefits and global travel medical insurance coverage, read the program summary [PDF].

If you have questions, email the Benefits Help Desk or call 877-291-9494.